Through the years we have worked with a vast majority of the global MMA promotions. We have accompanied our fighters from small local shows all the way to the top promotions worldwide


Sponsors & Collaboration Partners

In this modern day and age it is not enough to be an influencer in order to get sponsorship. It also isn’t enough to be an athlete to be sponsored.

We believe that sponsorship is a consequence of an alignment of ideals.

We look for possibilities of symbiosis between an athlete and a brand. As we know each and every one of our athletes on a personal level, we are capable to find true alignments with brands, developing lifelong collaborations that aid both the athlete and the brand as they are both true to their ideals.

We also provide advice to athletes on the use of their social Media Pages.

As successful athletes have a large influence on their fans and followers, a conscious use of social media is critical in these promotion efforts.