MMA Fighter Management

Calibian is an athlete management agency specialized in Mixed Martial Arts.

Our team is full of diversity with members from all over the world. The population of the Calibi was native to ancient Anatolia, they were the innovators of warcraft by being the first to forge stronger weapons and tools through the welding of steel. Just like the Calibi, we founded our company on innovation, utilizing cutting edge knowledge in order to be competitive with the ever changing times we live in.

To feel part of a team is of ultimate importance to us. In order to reach our goals we need to have a personal connection with our clients, as every individual’s differences can be valued and appreciated at the best.

We believe in purpose, and in manifestation. We manifest our purpose in life by aiding those who we believe in to manifest themselves.

We believe that together we will all be stronger and teamwork is one of the founding values of our company.

Based in Central Europe, with strongholds in Milano, Amsterdam, Munich and Graz, we count connections with promotions around the globe where we find fighters the best possible opportunities for their professional careers. As complementation of their athletic endeavors we also provide sponsorships, sports marketing & communication tips, training camps, psychological and nutritional support.

Our goal is to make an impact in the world we know both inside and outside of sports, and we do this by accompanying our clients on their journey to achieve their goals. Together we will craft the steel of tomorrow.


by applying new business models to transcend sport by crossing passion, beliefs and lifestyle, working together, modeling our future.

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Calibian Sports Management
Calibian Sports Management1 year ago
We are very proud to showcase the result of our most innovative and meaning campaign so far, fighting in the most important fight of them all, the fight to save OUR planet, by joining Justdiggit in the REGREEN REVOLUTION 🌴🌳

Simon Biyong mma Pro Fighter has now put himself in the front line to fight for what is right, fighting both through his martial art and art to inspire people around the world to make a difference and officially becoming a Justdiggit ambassador along with @burnaboygram, @desmondtutu and many more truly inspiring people.

We are so proud to be able to make a difference in this world and to join forces with Justdiggit, who is doing fantastic work to help us live in a better place.

Through this wonderful video you’ll be able to see both the soft and hard side of our Simon, fighting every day, to re build paradise.

Enjoy, share and keep regreening 🌳🌴🌳!

Together we can restore nature and fight climate change. Dig in and see what you can do at

Also a huge thank you to all the wonderful people that helped all this be possible:
@wessel.vaneeden @karpesdennis and all the Justdiggit team for accompanying us from the beginning of the project
@nybcp for the AMAZING footage, you’re a wizard with that camera man!
All the Amsterdam fighting family for opening your doors and hearts to us, thanks so much!
Chango Eersel Yousri Belgaroui Regian Eersel

@nandahagenaars for your amazing photographs

Mauro Salis X UNO Boxing Genova for the hard work and support as always

Bellator MMA
Calibian Sports Management
Calibian Sports Management
Calibian Sports Management is feeling fabulous.1 year ago
Fight for what matters and cool down the planet together 🌍

Simon Biyong mma Pro Fighter
Bellator MMA
Calibian Sports Management
Calibian Sports Management1 year ago
Fireworks were promised, and they were lit and exhausted before the end of Round 1.

Expect more of this from our man.

Perfect performance Yousri Belgaroui
Great work brother

UAE Warriors
Calibian Sports Management
Calibian Sports Management1 year ago
👊 Weight made✅
Now eat, sleep, rest REPEAT.
Calibian Sports Management
Calibian Sports Management1 year ago

Davide Martinez
Cage Warriors
Fatti Marziali
ASD Rendoki Dojo